Reeves custom 6 vs. mini-Z vs. tiny terror

Mr. Clean

I'm looking for a low watt amp to play at home and give me good classic rock sounds. I haven't played any of these but they usually get high recommendations. The reeves offers a lot for the price (12" speaker). The Dr. Z mini-z now has a built in attenuator and the orange tiny terry is the least expensive of them all.

Any advice on these 3 or others that may fit the category? I'm looking for classic rock, i.e. zepp, who, stones, etc. I know the stones are more of a fender sound than a marshall sound guess I can't have everything. Also, if I want to move up in price I'm looking at the matchless little monster and the carr mercury.



+ 1 on Tiny Terror on Marshall-line tone. Lot of gain on tap. Mini Z is cool too but less gain (I have the combo w/o/ attenuator). Both are pretty loud but haven't felt like I need an attenuator on either TT of MZ. TT also has 7/15W switch which works well. Haven't tried out Reeves yet. I don't know what your budget is but in the two EL86/6V6 category, I would also look into Goodsell 17, Bogner Badger, Aiken Tomcat (built in atten), Dr Z Carmen Ghia, Marshall 1974X/2061, Suhr Badger, Marshall Artist 3203 (SS preamp EL34 power amp but sounds pretty good) and Marshall Studio 15. I'm sure others can think of more to make the decision more difficult :)
Of your list, I like the Reeves best. It is the most alive single-ended amp I've ever played. If you can be patient and need a little more wattage and want more versatility than the tiny terror or dr. z, you might wait for the egnater rebel.


I'd go for the Reeves 12 or Custom 30 just for the added headroom.

The Gries 5 would be another great choice either with the Stock 6V6 or
slight upgrade for the 6L6 version if you want a bit more crunch goodness.


of the choices you mentioned, I would pick the Tiny Terror (although I haven't played the Reeves). I played a mini-Z combo a few years ago and it sounded great cranked and distorted but didn't have too much in the way of a clean sound. the Tiny Terror gives you a good clean and really good breaking up and distorted tones IMHO...totally cool and fun to play amp!

If you are willing to spend a bit more, I would definitely consider the Gries 5 (actually not much more than the Mini Z head). Amazing blackface cleans and tweedy overdrive (dialing up the gain dials out the tonestack). Really impressive amp and the loudest 5 watts I have ever heard...big low end and beautiful cleans...

once you get past 800 dollars, the possibilities become almost endless...the S2 microamps might be worth a look as well. they come in many flavors and will probably be great (just coming out now)

the Badger is an amazing amp and gets Marshally sounds with some Voxy chime as well...powerscaling works amazingly well and the Pete Thorn demo is very representative.

for powerscaled Marshally sounds, you might also consider a Miniplex II...with the decades switch and tubeswapping possibilities, the range of Marshally tones is almost endless.

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