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Reference point Strat tones...other than the usual suspects?


So, other than Clapton, Beck, Gilmour, SRV, Eric Johnson, Mayer, and of course Hendrix, please post clips of some of your favorite Strat tones.

I'm coming back to Strat style guitars for the first time in years, and I'm working on expanding my range of tonal reference points.

Here are a trio of clips I was digging today.

The first features Warren Haynes playing slide on a Strat.

I think Todd Park Mohr is a way underrated player. Here's "Bittersweet" live at Red Rocks.

And the last sample I've been jamming to is courtesy of a TGP favorite, Wayne Krantz.


Herb Utsmelz

'Tis what 'tis
Silver Supporting Member
This whole album is one of my favorite "off the beaten path references" for ballsy Strat tone (even in a country setting). I'm pretty sure Eddie played his '55 through a hot Mesa. This is my favorite track.



Silver Supporting Member
Michael Gurley of Dada and Butterfly Jones. Tasty strat tones abound. A few standout examples:



David Grissom

"Belly Of The Beast: The rhythm parts are PRS. The main melody/solo track is my old Fiesta Red Strat tuned down a whole step with heavy strings. I ran it through an old 20 watt Marshall head into a 4x12 and miced it about 3 feet away with a Coles ribbon mic."
[ source ]

Michael Landau

(here with Robben Ford)

Jeff Beck

Mark Knopfler

Robin Trower

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JP used a '64 strat on the first 1975 Earls court show for Over the Hills and Far Away. He also used it on the album Presence on the tracks: For Your Life, and Hots On for Nowhere.

The late John 'Gypie' Mayo with Dr.Feelgood. 60s Strat+Marshall JCM800.

Dr.Feelgood were hugely successful in the 70s and 80s. My band, The Guv'nors, had the pleasure of opening for them in November 1989. It isn't often you get to share a stage with your heroes...
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