Reflex Reds tapped Hb wiring here.


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I was rewiring my old set of Reflex pups (active) and couldn't find the schematic or web info. These are genuine, low impedance, tapped hbs, one tap on each coil yielding 6 leads. A bit confusing if you are working with no info.
I had to meter out everything.
-Blue to yellow - 458 ohms tapped by a red lead to split to 117 and 341 ohms
-that is the bridge side coil
-White to Shield - 451 ohms tapped by a black lead to split at 336 and 115 ohms i.e. symmetric coils
-This is the neck side coil
Works well in untapped mode in parallel and series.
Series is a bit dull and honky but just what some want for extreme distortion.
Other combos are possible but YMMV on how you like them.

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