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Regarding recent Mexican Telecasters


I've recently looked up some Mexican vs. American Standard Telecasters comparisons, and from the comments I read a lot of people think the gap between both lines have decreased nowadays.
Personally, from the videos I watched (most are reasonably recent - though they don't reveal what year the guitars used were produced) I thought the MIM sounded a little muddier, as opposed to the MIA's brighter, clearer sound.
I found the MIM's lower tones to be more defined, though. But, once again, they never tell what year those models where made.
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A did a blind shoot out between a Mexican standard, an American standard and a custom shop on the fender forum a few weeks ago, a lot of people preferred the Mexican didn't get much of a response, but they all came out even.

For me the Mexican is definitely hotter and more modern sounding, quality wise I found the American and Mexican standards to be pretty close.

The link is below if anyone is interested.

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The one cool advantage of an MIM Tele over an MIA is that an MIM can take any standard 4-screw Tele bridge; an MIA can't. So if you really want the vintage 3-saddle setup or a nice modern Gotoh bridge, an MIM can easily be retrofitted. You can get aftermarket bridges for the MIA but they are not nearly as common or easy to find. I'm not a big bridge swapper but it seems like people are always doing that here on TGP.
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I love the MIMs because I don't feel bad about customizing them and ruining their value. I have a FSR Ash one from this year...swapped the pickups, sanded the back of the neck, added a 4-way switch, etc. It already feels like a well-worn instrument, and it sounds great. My only gripe is the fretwork, which is far superior on the MIA models.

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What C mac says about the bridge. That's important to me. I find the american and MIM teles to be pretty much equally inconsistent. Great examples of both, but it's not always the first one you pick up.


hard to judge sound unless you do a blind comparison and make sure pickups are all adjusted similarly

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