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Remember Tiffany?


Debbie Gibson turned up a "musical" episode of Lucifer I recently watched...she's still got it!
Well, with respect to however much she had "it" at any rate.
She was neither better, nor worse!
I was listening to magician Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller on his podcast and he worked with Debbie Gibson in the last few years. And he says she's a fantastic musician, writing, producing, jumps on the piano and plays stuff then engineers, sings...

Says she's the real deal, fun to work with and never stopped learning.


Sad. I saw her selling CDs off of a table on the Vegas strip in 2005 right after I graduated from college. It was just her and a bodyguard.

I told her I was a big fan back in the day, but declined to buy a CD, because $20 legitimately was a lot of money to me at the time. The look in her face made me feel terrible.


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did you watch the video? She’s hammered and butchering her one hit and then tells the audience to F’ off.
Well, that's not really any reason to NOT love an artist. The majority of 60s and 70s artists that I like has had moments like this - often worse ones.

It's difficult as we get older. Tiffany is 50 now, and it's much easier to have things go wrong. A few drinks and a few songs singing loudly and you might lose your voice at 50 (and get drunk faster), where it would have been no issue at 22. I'm also guessing that she hasn't been rigorous about her health over the last few years. I remember an interview with Rush in their late 40s where they discussed having to physically train before their tours because performing is so tiring as you get older.

EDIT: For what it's worth, I see that Tiffany has posted a video to her Twitter feed and apologized for the outburst and said it was a bit of a panic attack when she took the stage and found she had lost her voice. She said she hadn't lost her voice like this before (she said she wasn't sick) and panicked which led to her outburst. Anyway, whether she was drunk or not, she seems better now. Maybe she'll get a bit of a renaissance through the bad publicity. Hehe.
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Tiffany was a smoke show back in the day. I think she was in Playboy as well. But, as these things go, age catches up to you. She and Debbie Gibson were the last of the bubble gum girl pop singers, and nothing really did what they did until Brittney Spears showed up a decade later.


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I knew I should have went to this show when I saw it advertised lol. I’ve gotten pretty drunk at this very bar in the past, I can relate.


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I would have loved to have found Marcia Brady or that Love boat chick in this condition back in the 80s.......... :p

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