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There are a couple of "How to ask for advice" stickies at the top here. I don't think you need to follow every rule in them, but at least tell us some basic things when you ask questions:

1. What DAW are you using?

2. What operating system?

3. If it is hardware - what model numb er of the piece?

4. What kind of music is it?

5. And some kind of idea of your goals, music genre, (rock guitar, synth pop, jazz, whatever...

This will always make it easier for us to answer questions. I don't mind looking up answers for people because I am pretty fast at it, but when I do 15 minutes of research only to find out you have something different than what I expected - it would have helped to know in advance and you would have gotten a better answer.

Thank you!


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Yes, please. I have that same ability to somehow find things/info/specs that others have “searched high & low and found nothing”. I actually enjoy doing it. But also hate wasting my time. There is no such thing as too much info, so tells us everything from the get go. We love to help, make it easy from the start and not a game of 50 questions please.

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