Renting Amps/Cabs?


I ask this because lately I've really wanted to try some new amps without dragging all my stuff to music stores, and I'm not looking for solid-state stuff or any of the new whirly-gigs that they try and sell you at guitar stores.

AKA I went in asking for a vintage Orange and they said they didn't have any - I was ready to walk out and the guy tried to sell me that JSX or whatever the Joe Satriani signature amp...ridiculous.

I found this website which has a very comprehensive list of some amps I have been interested in trying, i.e. Tweed 5E3, JTM Superbass, Matchless Superchief, Vox AC30, etc.

My questions are: what is the process of renting, how do I know the guy won't claim I ****ed up his vintage amps and demand 3,000 dollars from me after I return them, how much is it normally to rent an amp for a weekend, and are these guys keen on me plugging all my effects in, and cooking some tube, or as they say are they more for "film/music videos"?


your best bet is to find a studio that has those amps,i have a link i could post later that someone shot while they were renting studio time...


These guys have been in the business for a very long time and you'll see their logo on lots of stages. I'm not sure how you'd like to go about this logisitically, but you could have several amps delivered to the location of your choice, or perhaps you might see if there's some kind of a discounted rate if you were to just check things out at their facility. In any event, they carry a vast amount of equipment, hopefully they'll have something that suits your needs.



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There's a few guys like Brett Allen. Hollywood Studio Rentals (formerly Andy Brauer), Lon Cohen, SIR, etc. All in north Hollywood, SIR in Hollywood.
As long as you don't do any damage to the amp you will be fine, i.e. drop it, etc. The amps are serviced frequently, and are meant to be played.
Normal rates are $40-$50 per day, or about $200 weekly. Sometimes higher if it's a collectible piece.


I've had good luck using SIR out of Las Vegas. It's cheaper and safer to rent than to fly gear. Good people to deal with and don't dictate what you can and can't do. An amp is an amp and it's expected to run pedals and perform flawlessly at stage volumes. When a rare instance of failure occured they were right there with a back up. In fact, they had a few amps on the truck as spares anyway. Good luck

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