repeating LFO controlled wah pedal?

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    Jul 10, 2009
    I do a thing where I kick the wah pedal super quickly,
    I get sort of a No Quarter type sound.. I call it the "nervous foot" because u have to really go fast,almost shake your foot..
    I was wondering if there is a decent LFO controlled filter pedal that will sound like a crybaby going back n forth really quickly..
    so I can get the same tones without using the foot.,,an actual auto-wah, not an envelope filter.

    I can get more creative with the foot,obviously..but it gets tiring, I can only keep it up for so long.

    I've been told to use other effects for this, more advanced phasers etc..
    and they do sound close..I had a Soundblox Stingray multi-filter that sounded ok
    but the wah effect is the only thing that really gives me what i want.

    I'd love it if someone could modify an actual crybaby to do what I wanted,
    If u could put the circuitry into a smaller enclosure,ditch the pedal,and add a couple of controls..
    the EQ and sweep are just so perfect...I'd LOVE that!

    I've seen the GigFX pedals have an effect like this,
    I'd rather something compact,without an actual footpedal
    I already have a Crybaby Mini and don't want another wah pedal on the board, I'd prefer something small..

    There must be a small Auto-Wah out there that will warble the way i want..
    I seem to remember Boss having an actual Auto-wah years ago..
    a mini sized pedal would be even more awesome..
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