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Replace fingerboard with a thicker one?


Hey all,

So I have this inexpensive import archtop set-neck guitar that I would like to hone my skills on.

For me the neck is too thin. I would like about another 2mm up and down the neck. I checked the dimensions against my favorite guitar with digital calipers. I would like to replace the fingerboard with one that is 1.5 - 2mm thicker.

Neck angle is not a problem since I have plenty of room to raise the bridge.

My challenge is, can I heat the fingerboard and lift it without disturbing the finish on the neck? I guess I would run an exacto knife down the neck along the binding seam.

I know most would not bother, but I want to try this out and heighten my skills on a practice guitar. Can it be done without wrecking the paint on the neck?


Yeah, even if you exact the finish, odds are you will need to refin. And if you are heating the board off, you likely will have to work on the wood to prep it for a new board. Time, steam, heat, they all do things to wood. You likely will have to plane the surface perfectly flat.

After all this you may just be making an awkward feeling neck. There are many factors at play in creating the feel of a neck and it does not boil down to thickness alone.

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