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Replaced speaker and now it's touching the power tube... Any help?


Hi everybody.

A friend of mine replaced the speaker of his all original 1957 Fender Champ
with a Jensen Alnico P8R... The middle tube (power tube, a 6V6) is almost touching the back of the speaker, because the magnet shield on these are kind of big. He had no idea this could happen, the P8R is the logic replacement speaker for this...
He still hasn't switched the amp on, he can change the speaker if he has to, but he doesn't really know what to do that. If he has to replace, what should he get? The ceramic version is much more shallow and should allow enough space, but... ceramic...
Here's a pic of how it looks like. What do you guys think, anyone experienced this before?



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I know that some people have encountered issues caused by speaker magnets being too close to tubes. Here's one example that's been discussed here before.


I enquired about a couple of amps recently specifically to make sure that they didn't suffer from this issue.

I guess it may not cause a problem with all amps, but if it were mine I would run it by a good amp tech for a pro opinion as I'm not an electronics expert.

Is there a magnet cover than can be removed to give more clearance?

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