Replacement bar for Fender Tremolo


The Callaham block itself will save your trem arms, it has the nylon bushing that bears all the load and spreads it over a larger area. The 'wobble' mentioned by many is due to the fact that the bar is actually pivoting on a single thread, It doesnt take much repeated loading to significantly weaken your trem bar at that same point and then it breaks and leaves half the threads in your block.

This is very different than putting the bar in a bench vise and trying to bend it.. the vise spreads the shear force over a larger area.

Callaham uses a less brittle type of steel for their bars so in a stock fender block they might last longer but it wont last forever like it will with THEIR block. genius business plan haha.

You can't use a thicker bar cause it won't fit, but if you just want something stable and durable, that callaham block is your best option. Quite different from what OP was looking for but unfortunately thats the reality of the situation without installing an entirely new bridge. Good luck!


I've broken a few myself. It's not that hard to do. Right where the threads meet the rest of the bar. Luckily, there's always been enough sticking out of the block to grab and twist it out with a pair of pliers.

Exactly where mine broke too. Also, seems pretty common:

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