Replacement Pickups for my 62RI SG


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I just got this guitar,'s an 89' SG 62RI. Love the way it plays and feels, but I'm not completely digging the tone I get from the pickups. I'm not even sure what they are,...they're kinda low output and sort of flat sounding. I'm not looking for anything too high output,...I want pups that sound sweet clean but also sound beefy for rock-hard rock overdrive tones. Would also like to stick with the classic nickle covered humbucker look. I was thinking Ducan 59's would do the trick,..any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.




Seriously, contact Jon Moore at he'll wind you set that will flat blow your socks off for less than the price of off the shelf models. Quick turn around time also.

For off the shelfs, Duncan Antiquites would be nice. Dimarzio Virtual Vintage PAF's or PAF CLassics would also be a great choice. For a more P-90 type vibe, their Bluesbucker is a killer pickup.

WCR's, Lollars, Wolfes Rolphs are wonderful.


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I'll pipe in and say "CROSSROADS ". They are the bee's knees.
I have a set in my SG Standard, and I absolutely adore them. Sometimes I'll fool around with friend's HB equipped guitars and think I'm getting some pretty nice clean tones...Switching to the Crossroads always makes me say
"Oh, nevermind". The clean tones from the neck are just the best I've heard. Smooth smokey and harmonically rich, and if I pump up the tone knob a touch I can get the neck to chime like a champ. If you are looking for a bridge PU to hit the amp for rock, I'd ask Jim about the Darkburst bridge PU or something even hotter. My Crossroad bridge is really not "hot" at all...I'd liken its output to a nice stout P-90. And mine is a touch overwound...Kind of in between a Crossroad and Darkburst. Perfect for me, and still does rock like a real PAF should but it is not as hot as some like. Oh, and I have the solid nickel covers. They age beautifully and have a really great vintage look when you let them scuff up a little.


For the money, the SD 59's are hard to beat. I just put a set of Lindy Fralin Unbuckers in my SG and am really enjoying them. They have really nice note separation and clarity, but still have a strong humbucker sound. Not as nasal sounding as some HB's. Cranked through my OCD, the overdrive is amazing, and they do a nice clean blues sound as well.



he makes a whole set of great pups. I've got a humbucker in the neck of a semi hollow Chapin. Sounds fantastic.



WCR Crossroads.

but you'd better contact Jim himself and let him know what you're after.

make yourself a favour and get a WCR set.

you won't regret it... ;)

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