Replacement speaker for Altec 418-8H?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by scelerat, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. scelerat

    scelerat Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 29, 2009
    Oakland, CA
    Open back 100W Mesa combo... looking to give a respite to the original speaker. Any recommendations for new speakers that will have similar tone and characteristics and handle the power?
  2. tmac

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    Jun 29, 2002
    The Swamp (Gainesville, Florida)
    Maybe get an older EV 12L. Not the same speaker but in the same ballpark. Mesa went to those after initially using Altec and some JBLs. Another option is an JBL E120. Those will be brighter and very um..detailed. some folks think they're harsh. In an old Boog I'd go EV. They're big and heavy though. Putting one in a 100w boogie combo essentially turns it into a block of lead.
  3. blackba

    blackba Member

    Dec 10, 2005
    Michigan, USA
    Never tried an alter, but if you are at all after the 12l type, check out the wgs 12L. Another speaker that used to come in mesas was an eminence ms12. I have a pair and they pair really nicely with a Mesa custom 90.
  4. 71strat

    71strat Member

    Oct 7, 2013
    Love me some Altec 418H. Ive been using 2 of them with my 69 Dual Showman since 73. Do you know originally they had a Lifetime Warranty ? I believe GPA will still honor my Warranty. Ive had these speakers since new in 73, and also did send in the Warranty cards.

    My Showman has also been Blackfaced, and an ODS Mod.

    #1 the 418H is ALNICO. 45hz-8000hz x fs 55. Also its a 15 inch speaker. Not a 12. It is a very wide range speaker, like JBLS, and is closer to a JBL than it is different.


    James B. Lansing founded JBL one year after leaving Altec Lansing as their Vice President of Engineering in 1945. The company was first called Lansing Sound, Inc., from 1 October 1946, and later changed its name to James B. Lansing Sound. The first products were the model D101 15-inch loudspeaker and the model D175 high-frequency driver. The D175 remained in the JBL catalog through the 1970s. Both of these were near-copies of Altec Lansing products. The first original product was the D130, a 15-inch transducer for which a variant would remain in production for the next 55 years. The D130 featured a four-inch flat ribbon wire voice coil and Alnico V magnet. Two other products were the 12-inch D131 and the 8-inch D208 cone drivers

    Heres a funny 1, many don't know.

    Do you know Great Plains Audio ???

    They are or were originally all former Altec Employees, and bought out Altec back in the 90s, and have all the rights, manufacturing gear, and patents, and STILL MAKE many models.

    The 418H being 1 of them. So you could buy a brand New Altec 418H.

    Or you could find a BLOWN JBL E130, ( Ceramic ) and send it to A Brown Soun for a Hemp Cone. .

    I run 2 x Hemp Coned E120s with both my Showman, and a LTD ED Metro GMP45. Not that Im after SRV tone, but he used E130s in his Vibroverbs, and switched to the EVs when JBL Stopped making the E Series Speakers. He also used E110s.

    The E130 has a HUGE 300 watt x 105db spec. It will take your amp all day long, everyday, and is crushingly loud.

    Consider the EV 12L is 100db ??? Puny in comparison. And it is Not a puny speaker. I like EVs. I have 15Ls, and 10Ms...

    But as far as SPL goes you would have to have 4 EV 12Ls to have the same SPL as 1 E130.

    1 x 100 db speaker = 100db

    2 x 100db speakers =103db

    4 x 100db speakers = 106db. 1 E130 is 105db.

    Altec measures their speakers at a funny distance... 4 feet, as where most give a 1 Meter Rating. which is 39.37 inches. Verses 48.

    I believe the 418H is rated at 99db at 4 feet which is probably closer to 103db at 1 meter. So an E130 would make a noticeable difference in SPL. A JBL K130 is 103db at 1 meter, and is very similar to the Altec. But only 125 watts. It is also Alnico.
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