Replacing Pickup Selector with a slide switch on a Stratocaster

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    Apr 21, 2015
    Hey there.

    Over the past I've become very interested in modding. So I decided to replace the selector switch on my Strat because I sometimes end up hitting the selector accidentally when I play. Of course, I could try to change my playing style, but I also like the idea of giving it a personal touch all the same.

    I've been browsing a bit around for a 5-way slide switch, but it has proved itself to be a bit difficult to get to my address - though i'm not completely through mouser yet (if you have any other good website suggestions I'm keen to hear them).
    So instead I thought of getting an "ordinary" 3-way slide switch and a new pickguard for modding, based on the idea that I once heard somewhere that the original strats only had three selection options - and i rarely ever use no. 2 & 4 - so "why not?" I thought.

    The thing is; I don't know whether it is possible to do this to a modern strat (American Standard from 2009 i think). Will the wiring still work properly and which considerations do I have to make concerning the wiring?
    If you have any opinions on this topic, please fire away. Also if you think it's the most vandalistic idea you could ever think of - I wanna know it all :)


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