Replacing saddles (Fender Roadworn Strat content)


I have an earlier 50s Roadworn Strat that haven't been played in a while. While it plays great I always thought the tones are restraint and not as lively as it could, even after a few pickups upgrades.

Since I was bored yesterday I thought of an idea to swap the bridge saddles between my Strat and the Mexican Cabronita that I owned. The saddles on the RW are longer and bulkier than the ones in Cabronita (listed as American Vintage saddles on Fender website, anyone can verify?) The swap is a quick, easy job, and it made quite an impact: acoustic strum is louder, notes are punchier and seem to ring with more harmonics after plugged in. I'm very happy with the change!

Just to share my experience here.

P/s: anyone tried the newer AVRI pickups? I'm thinking to get a set but haven't decided on which one yet.

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