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Replacing Strat Tuners


So... if my MIM Standard Strat came with (and still has) this kind of tuner:

Fender Standard Series Guitar Tuning Machine

and I want to replace it with this kind:

Fender Pure Vintage Guitar Tuning Machines

what do I need to do? It looks like I'll need to drill two small holes per tuning machine on the back of the headstock, at the very least. Will I need to widen the main hole or anything?

Also, it's hard to tell from the picture, but I think the Pure Vintage tuners are the kind where, like a bass, you clip the string and push the tip down into a hole in the top of the tuner (toward the headstock) rather than threading it through the side like most guitar tuners, right? That's the difference I'm looking for. I like the vintage-style tuners on my Fender Deluxe Players Strat, and I want the same kind for my other Strats.

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Senior Member
You need to drill the holes for the screws and use adapter bushings as the holes are too large.
Allparts sell them.


Senior Member
If you want tighter/ better than the original Kluson type you show in yur second link, try the Tone Pro's ones. Look similar but much tighter. They are more money though. The Kluson's seem to be a turkey shoot now days. Typically one or even two of the six will be pretty loose. There are some inexpensive Gotoh sealed ones that are pretty good and an easy fit also... one screw/offset.


Platinum Supporting Member
i vote for the gotoh klusons, they consistently work well. (they've come stock on american reissue fenders and les pauls for years now.)