Replacing the Padding on a Guitar Stand


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After over a decade of use, the neoprene padding on my Quik-Lok guitar stand has started to tear. Not wanting to put my instruments on bare steel, I've been trying to find replacement neoprene tubing but to no avial.

None of the local music retailers sell it, neither do the home improvement stores. The I found a local wholesaler of "Tygon Norprene" but their minimum order is $350.

The one friend who didn't say "just buy a new stand" ( :mad: ) suggested clear PVC tubing. Will a nitro finish react to contact with PVC?

What are my options for something that won't look shabby, won't cost an arm & leg, and won't damage my instruments.


Use any kind of tubing you can find that fits. This is what I do to prevent a reaction from nitro on plastics. Stop at a bike shop and pick up a roll of cotton handlebar tape. It has a sticky back and you can wrap it over the tubing on the stand. One roll should do several stands and it's inexpensive. It won't have the "friction" of tubing but it won't react with the finish on the guitar.

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