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Request: In honor of EVH, show your guitars


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Charvel parts beastie, likely an '83 neck (original factory Charvel logo, 22 Fret), 80-81 body (shot by Marty Bell), an original Floyd thieved from an early 80's vintage Kramer Pacer (import but had American Floyds installed), took a while to find all the vintage parts and assemble. This neck is the EVH profile, 1 5/8th nut width, a little thicker profile than a normal Charvel, super thick rosewood board (thickest I've ever seen on any guitar).

Not an EVH "looking" guitar, but all the parts are right there back to his originals...

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Years ago I needed a cheap humbucker and trem-equipped guitar for a band I was in. I found my match in a Sterling by MM JP sig, which I later turned into my "Van Danzig" or "The Misfit" guitar...It started life as a HH, matte black, got painted a couple of times & the neck hb and tone/switch controls cut out. It's kind of a one-trick pony, but it does that trick really well.

On the right (as if I had to say anything...)


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Top photo is myself, when I had the chance to have one of his originals on my hands.
Bottom photo is when I've moved my studio back to Brasil, in 2011, and had these available for clients to use while tracking at my studio, since I knew there are a lot of guitar players there that loves Van Halen.


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My striped Strat mutt is out of action but I did go all in on some stripes with last Winters new boards...they survived without breaking, looking forward to stuffing some stripes in some barrels in EVH’s honor, always have some early VH tune stuck in my head while floating around

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Eddie’s been my hero for the nearly 20 years I’ve been playing guitar. I’m heartbroken over his passing.

Here are my two EVH replicas. The Frankenstrat as it was in ‘84 and the 5150 as it was in late ‘85.

And here they are in action:


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