Rescued Les Paul!





Can you believe this is the same guitar? Cool story here. I found a Gibson Les Paul at an estate sale that was in ROUGH shape! Someone had painted it a flag pattern on front and a Elvis theme on the back. It was unplayable. And UGLY! I don't think the guitar had ever been cleaned. I almost thought it wasn't worth anything but firewood. But... I stripped the hardware off and came up with a plan. I decided to send it to the incredible Pat Wilkins. He's done a few guitars for me and I cant recommend him enough! He is by far one of the most talented painters I've ever know, but also a super nice guy! He's painted guitars for some of the biggest names in the industry, and treats you just as important as the biggest stars. So I told Pat my idea of a color and theme. He killed it!! When I got it back I was blown away. I added all new Gold hardware. Dimarzio Fortitude bridge pickup and a Dimarzio Rainmaker neck pickup. Every single screw, trim, electronics is new!
Then I took it to Adam Luchessi to do a set up and fret job. As always he made this thing play like butter!! I couldn't be happier with how it came out!




Interesting paint job. I have done some painting, finishing and refinishing of my own so I was wondering how he got the finish to look like he did. I am guessing he painted the yellow gold first, then the red and then the yellow fleck on top.

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