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Restoring 65 Deluxe Reverb - Quick question


I have the original wire connector to connect the internal speaker to the power amp but the previous owner cut it in half when they removed the original speaker.

Does anyone know where i can locate one of these wires?
It doesn't need to be original, I'm guessing that any one will work but correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks in advance for your help with this


The wire you need is just standard speaker cable wire, but if you're trying to do an authentic restoration, it may be hard to track down the correct Fender "vintage" speaker wire. If you just want to play the amp, standard speaker wire will do.


Gold Supporting Member
I've got a 65 also and there are always guys on e-bay selling original mid 60's black and white cloth wire that was used on Fender's. It usually runs about a dollar a ft.
Last week someone sold an original 65 plug and wire for about $20.00 shipped, they come up fairly often.

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