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restoring my 67 Riviera/345...

Hey guys. Im restoring a 67 Epi Riv 12 with a 345 neck, and Ive decided that I don't want standard buckers (as some idiot routed it for...). I want to go back to Minis but Im not sure if I want the original style NY Minis or more like firebird minis. I was hoping those of you with either could shed light on the tones you get from your guitars.
Thanks in advance guys.

PS - A little history on my Riv...(WARNING: Horror Story Ahead!): what started life as a 1967 epiphone Riviera 12 turned into a monster. The neck, at some point broken, was replaced (by slicing off the old on at the 12th fret and re gluing the new one) by a Fender scale classical width and radius neck. The pickups were routed out for normal buckers. The bridge was replaced with an early Alembic brass bridge (plus in my book). And to top it off, the whole shebang was finished in a thick black plastic paint that resembled model airplane paint. I'll hopefully post some pictures of the original condition (when I got it), the middle when I popped of the remains of the neck and the de-finishing I did, and the remaining work/finished project.
It's close to being done. I have the original electronics, but might upgrade to Black Beauty or Orange drop caps. There were no p'ups supplied so Im using the old PAF copies from my 1980 Greco Les Paul copy (replaced them with Burst Buckers with the Peter Green mod). All in all should be a sweet playing guitar.

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