FS Retro-Sonic Chorus V1, Wells Amp NYC 5:00, Zvex Fuzz Factory 7 LE


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For sale area an Audio Kitchen Big Trees, Retro Sonic Chorus (v1, rarer and better than later versions more accurate NOS parts), and a Jam Rattler+. Retro Sonic comes with adapter and original box for the pedal. Big Trees includes power cable.

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Wells NYC 5:00 Shadow - $450 Shipped/PP'ed CONUS
Retro Sonic Chorus v1 - $285 Shipped/PP'ed CONUS
Audio Kitchen Big Trees - $850 Shipped/PP'ed CONUS
Zvex FF 7 (Germanium)- $520 Shipped/PP'ed CONUS
Arion SCH-1 SOLD
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