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Retubing my Reinhardt 18, is an NOS EZ81 worth it?


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I am going to retube my 2007 Reinhardt 18 since I have been using it a fair amount with an original band lately. I bought it used a few years back and I don't know how old the tubes are in it. It has given me no problems, but I want new tubes to start gigging it soon.
It has all production tubes in it right now and sounds great (EH EZ81, JJEL84's), so I am going to probably go with JJ's again. My tech/tube dealer has an NOS RCA EZ81 for a reasonable amount, so I'm thinking of putting it in, but is it worth it or should I just get another EH EZ81 or similar?


You likely will not notice a difference in tone but you will never have to replace the rectifier probably for the rest of your life, so yep it's worth it

Rumors of War

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This ^^^. Even Mullards can be had for reasonable prices in that particular tube. I would for sure.

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