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Return of Black Beauty

Dana Olsen

Platinum Supporting Member
Willie's American Guitars is a wonderful shop. I go there whenever I'm in the Twin Cities. My Mom's from MN - I spent all my summers there growing up, and I still have relatives there. I try to visit every year. Mark Robinson turned me on to Willie's.

Nate's a cool kat too. When I first started going the, Jeff Klumm of Savage Amps was their amp tech/ repairman, and they sold Savage Amps out of the store - I think they still may sell them.

I played a super sweet '55 Esquire there in July of '18 - fantastic guitar, I really wanted to buy it - only asking 19K and I bet they'd have taken $16K, but .... I have enough Teles, and I have an Esquire too, so surprisingly, self-restraint won this time - LOL!

As far as I can tell they're very legit - no BS, no shady deals - straight shooters. They typically have an excellent display of new and vintage guitars and amps - great shop to visit and to do business with.

Great story on Pagey's LP too!

Thanks a ton, Dana O.
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