Reunion Blues Continental vs Continental Voyager gig bag/cases

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    Jan 1, 2007
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    My new Continental Voyager gig bag/case is nice, though in some ways it’s half the bag of the older regular Continental. I put a Tele in mine and kept the pair of thick, Velcro fastened removable bottom pads in, with an attached 2 ½” leather strap. I had to squeeze the guitar in and push it into those bottom pads, which the full size Continental didn’t come with, though maybe they now do. It's more than snug but I expect it will conform around the guitar more with time.

    The full sized Continental lists at $90 more, and if outside space and money were no object I would now opt for the considerably heavier and thicker Continental, which I would not hesitate to throw (literally) into the back of a gear van, over or under a bunch of other gear. It withstood being dropped from 3 stories twice with no damage to the Strat inside. I would not advise that with the Voyager.

    On the other hand, if I was carrying it around on trains or my own vehicle to practice, gigs or studio, I’d opt for the much lighter and more nimble, though still quite tough, Continental Voyager.

    On a less utilitarian note, the new colors and materials with a kind of gray tweed and royal blue piping is very smart looking.

    Both are great. It just depends how they’re going to be used.

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