Reverb noise

Peter Zhong

Just bought a Peavey classic 50 combo, and played on it for a bit, lovely amp. then I noticed this noise the amp started to make.
The amp would crackle as a chord and such gets quickly muted, it was really noticeable.

So after messing with amp for a bit, I figured out that it has something to do with the reverb tank,exactly in what way I have no idea.

But what I found was that when I turn the reverb on via the knob on the amp control (say max it out), meanwhile the reverb was turned off via the footswitch,so there's no reverb coming out of the amp, the amp would crackle, and the amp of course crackled when i didn't shut off the reverb with the footswitch.

Anyone experienced something like this before? Help me out? I really want to get this amp sounding as best as it could.


You might try cleaning and checking the reverb cable connectors. Also the ones for the footswitch.
Might not be it but it's an easy enough thing to start with.

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