Reverb pedal that takes OD well


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Looking for a reverb that sounds good after an OD/Fuzz. An old school plate would be great. Any suggestions?


If you like plate the talisman is good...the fender marine reverb I got recently has about the same sound and maybe a little more control over things...some people had noisy talisman and CB made it very faithful so there's a bit of an extra ring out after if you are going into it with a bunch of signal, you can dial out with the high pass also has 18 volts so get more headroom if you want...sometimes with the CB reverbs like topanga I liked to have the guitar and amp and OD interact with those things to get more of an effect like overloading the preamp, etc...but

A few years ago I thought the EHX grails were good with the plate and blend setting for OD stuff but I don't have it anymore and not sure my mind is rosy glasses with it...Flint is probably good too but I kinda like Flint for cleans maybe, I have it buried away somewhere...
Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb prides itself on being overdrive friendly, and it is.


Tung-Sol Tube

The plate on my Neunaber Immerse MKI and Digitech RV-7 work very well with dirt. They also sound great on clean.

The both EMT emulation and Lexicon rack algos on the UA Golden Reverberator are excellent as well.

The Strymon BigSky plate also works well with drive.

I didn’t love the Boss RV-3 or RV-5 plates with dirt. You can dial the highs back, but the density and lack of diffusion didn’t work in my setup. I think the RV-6’s plate is more mild in terms of “metallic” resonance.

The Line 6 Verbzilla/M-series/Legacy plate is also really nice. I like it for ambient sounds, but it works well for subtle old-school plate too.


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I haven't found a reverb pedal that doesn't work well with dirt, but of the ones I have owned Hermida reverb, Digitech RV7, Boss RV6, Empress Reverb, and Line 6 Verbzilla. The RV7 had my favorite plate sound.


I've been using a Mr. Black Super Moon after od/distortion for the last couple of years. Works good. Subtle reverb setting.
My UA Golden on any of the plate settings sounds great after overdrive. That’s what I use 99.9% of the time. I can’t speak to fuzz as I never use it.


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This is a new problem to me. All the Reverb pedals I've played tend to take what they are given and apply Reverb. Is it a matter of some more hi fi reverbs with a lot of top end becoming harsh when being fed by distortion? Genuinely curious.

That said, the Talisman is amazing.


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TC Hall of Fame 2 mini is what I use for high gain plate reverb. I made a custom Toneprint based on the "Pete Thorn's Plate" template. I basically just cemented the tone at about 9:00, and turned the Tone control into a pre-delay knob. Great high gain plate with a Pre-Delay control in a mini size. Loves the gain.

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