Reverb problem in a BF Fender

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  1. teleking36

    teleking36 Supporting Member

    Sep 1, 2005
    My brother's recently acquired 1967 Pro Reverb has a reverb problem. It doesn't work!

    I've gone through a number of trial and error processes, which include the following:

    - Replacing the reverb driver and recovery tubes (originals and replacements were both fine)
    - Checking the tank
    - Checking the cables
    - Checking the reverb pot

    The thing is, I'm able to get the reverb signal to come through the amp when i jiggle or smack the pan. When i turn the reverb pot, i can hear the signal increase/decrease which makes me think the pot is fine.

    When a guitar is played through the amp, however, I get no reverb effect.

    Any idea what's going on with this? Should I try a new set of RCA cables?
  2. DT7

    DT7 Member

    Apr 28, 2009
    The tank is getting no signal. If the amp is otherwise working, check it starting with the 500pf cap going to the driver, the 1 Meg resistor and the connection to the tube itself. Check to be sure all solder joints around those compenents and the tube socket are good. If all is OK and the cable is good, I'd suspect the reverb transformer on the chassis...possibly the little transducer in the tank itself. You should find your problem somewhere along that chain.
  3. WaltC

    WaltC Member

    Feb 21, 2006
    Northern CA (Sacramento area)
    Sorry, that link wont work, it was a forum search for "reverb tank". Just select Forum search at the top right of the general "Amp Technical Info" forum and type in "reverb tank" or "reverb problems" or "reverb tank problems" or all of the above one at a time and you'll see lots of links to past discussions that include troubleshooting info, fix info and more.
  4. RedRock

    RedRock Member

    Dec 26, 2006
    The RCA jack in the back of the amp that sends the signal via the cable to the tank
    may be bad. A common problem. If it is the cause, a new one is about $2

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