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Hi guys. I was hoping to get some suggestions on a reverb solution.
I am seeking reverb with the following features:

* has good plate or hall sound (spring simulation not necessary)
* not noisey
* pedal format prefered
* has pre-delay control
* has reverse reverb with 100% wet option
* $100 - $150 prefered (used gear okay)

My Digitech RP250 works for everything except the reverse. From my searching/reading it looks like EHX Cathedral can get the job done for $214. I was hoping for a cheaper solution.

Hmmm. Maybe I can somehow use a cheap delay pedal with a single repeat to add the predelay feature to a verb pedal with reverse...
This approach would require a delay that can send 100% dry and wet to seperate outputs -and- a reverb that can do 100% wet for all settings (not just reverse).
The amp I'm using is a MusicMan HD130 that has numerous (Bassman style) inputs and no effects loop.

Perhaps I could go:
from delay dry output to amp input
delay wet output to reverb input
reverb wet output to amp second input

A single-box solution would be better as bypassing the verb or delay would likely cause volume jumps.

Any ideas?


Don't think there's really any options out there for reverse. Especially in that price range. If you can forfeit the delay the RV7 is really cool.

That said for the extra $60 the Cathedral is more than a reverb pedal. It's my weird sound box. Has a nice plate and hall too.


That said for the extra $60 the Cathedral is more than a reverb pedal. It's my weird sound box. Has a nice plate and hall too.
Totally. I think the Cathedral fits the bill nicely for the list of requirements. The plate and hall modes are nice on this one.

I got a new one on eBay for $175. Seller = soundscheapinc


it's pretty excessive and higher than your price range but I have the TC Electronic Nova Reverb which does everything you are asking for and then some. It's also really nice because it has 2 selectable reverbs and the entire pedal is analog but it's digitally controlled.


I would get the Hardwire RV-7. It has an excellent reverse reverb and it is very quiet. As far as the pre-delay thing, I am sure you will also have a delay pedal so it should cover that for you.


Hardwire is a great reverb but it doesn't have a Tom of reverb on tap. For straightforward amp style reverb it's great bit I use reverb a lot for thick ambient effects where I wan the reverb to be long and thick and the hardwire IMO was a disappointment in that it couldn't get me there

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