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  1. David Pack

    David Pack Guest

    Anyone got any layouts or instructions to add a reverb circuit to a Marshall plexi? I've been looking at schematics of amps with reverb but I'm having trouble following them.
  2. kwright

    kwright Guest

    Have you checked at the AX84 site?
  3. David Pack

    David Pack Guest

    YES!!!! Thank You!!!!

  4. kevmin

    kevmin Member

    Jan 6, 2002
    Yakima, WA
    How did your project turn out? WV. Are you close to me? I am in SE Ohio. I am in serious need of someone to jam with!
  5. David Pack

    David Pack Guest

    Still working on the project. I live in southern part of WV; about 10 min from Beckley.

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