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Reverend Eastsider T guitar gets pimped out!



I've had my Eastsider T guitar for the past few months. I've been playing it at home in my studio and decided to have the guitar adjusted to play properly and sound the way that I want it to sound. I had a good friend do the intonation & set the action low on the guitar. I installed a set of chrome Dunlop straplocks to prevent any mishaps on or offstage. I got tired of looking at my EMG T pickup set/ SPC module sitting in the drawer. I decided to have it wired up for me by Mark Brown's Guitar Repair in San Jose, CA. He did a great job of installing the EMG T pickups/SPC module on the guitar for me. I didn't like how the knobs felt in my hands. I bought a can of Plastidip rubber coating and dipped the guitar knobs in it, let it dry for 4 hours, and peeled the excess of rubber coating. Both guitar knobs have a rubber coating on their sides that makes it easy to grip with my pinky without it sliding around like before.

The guitar plays like butter, feels secure when strapped on, knobs are easy to grip with my right hand pinky, has versatile tone, and has no noise/buzz/thin tone. I'm happy with having my guitar pimped!

Guitar George
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Nice! I'm positive that it sounds badass! I had one in the exact same setup!

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