Reverend's Sensei with PAF-style humbuckers, thoughts? Railhammer vs. Fralin?


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I'm seriously contemplating the purchase of a PAF-style guitar.

The Reverend Sensei seems interesting (body shape, available finishes, interesting choice of tone wood, bass AND treble tone pots).

Posts and videos that I've read suggest that it is a cross between an SG and a Les Paul.

I would be grateful for your thoughts regarding the guitar (build quality, resonance vs. LP-style, tone, related control, quirks) and also the Reverend "Classic H" PAF-style pickups vs. the Railhammer "Hyper Vintage" pickups.

How do the Reverend Classic H's or Railhammer pickups hold up against Fralin's Pure PAFs for example? I'm intrigued by Railhammer's claims regarding more even volume per strong, enhanced ability to use alternate tunings, etc.

I have Fralin P-92s in my Fender Super Sonic and they've made that guitar rival my Ric 660 for primary status. They're amazing.

Thank you for sharing your opinions.
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I have the Sensei with Railhammers and they are loud, clear, have a lot of string separation as compared to other humbuckers. Almost as if each individual string has a better eq than most.

Ive played the other style in the shop and they were good, but much more like normal, if good quality, humbuckers. Sorry I dont know the Fralins well.

Resonance...a bit above average for a solid body, of course much less than all my semis and hollows.



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I put a set of Hyper Vintage Railhammers in my PRS STD24 - this is a crappy phone photo, but you can see them in there - they are extremely clear, very percussive and almost Tele sounding in this all mahogany PRS. Into a clean amp they can go from super clean funk strum to any amount of OD you can throw at them and you'll always hear every note in a chord and for single line lead stuff they sound great - you'll always hear what your amp is doing to your notes, always. I am very pleased with these pickups. They are vintage PAF voiced as advertised. The hotter winds will get you very clean, very articulate, very heavy tones w/no mud.


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I have the Chisel pickups in my Sensei. As mentioned, a lot more clarity and with the bass contour, covers a lot of ground. I have both an LP and an SG and I would not say the Sensei is between them at all, it's got its own space for sure.

Really great playing and I terms of resonance, yes, that would be somewhere between the SG and the LP. Mostly because it's between the two in width, but I'd say closer to the SG than anything.

I have mine tuned a half step down and it sounds great.


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