Review of MI Audio Boost N Buff Version 2


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This is the version of the BNB that has the volume and gain controls. I bought it straight from Australia on Ebay new for $102 including shipping, a hell of a deal. Came in 7 days. I bought it both for the buffer (always on) and also the boost. The buffer, well, I honestly cant tell for sure if it's adding anything, but I have five other pedals, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't losing any tone even though the other pedals are all true bypass. More of a comfort thing. The real plus to me though is the gain and volume control. You can control any boost and any of the increase in treble per MI Audio's design. If you have the gain at zero, and the volume maxed, there is no boost at all. You then blend in the amount of gain (its really not gain at all at the start, just a beefing up of your tone, and it slowly adds a treble boost) and back of the volume to suit. I ended up with just a slight volume boost, and some more high end, and a really nice thickening of tone. My band mates reaction - LEAVE IT ON ALL THE TIME. It added a very nice fullness to my tone, a little top edge, so I just kept it on, reduced my amp volume a little to compensate, and wow, a very nice improvement and it works like a charm with all other pedals. In some way, its similar to my RC Booster, but it somehow fattens/fills up the tone a bit more. I'm giving it a 9 of 10, and I don't know why I'm not giving it a 10, I guess cause it didn't come with any Fosters LOL


awesome. i was curious about this thing. i really like the MI stuff, but the first version seemed limited

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