Revised amp requirements, help me search for one.


after doing a gig at a pretty large theater in the chicago area, and realizing i had my 100 watt superlead plexi on 1, and had to use a pod xt live, to get usable tones because the amps are miced anyways. i realized that i really might have to downsize.

like i said before i don't like using pedals, but i might have to as a last resort.

something under or equal to 50 watts is probably good enough, even 50 is probably pushing it these days.

must be a tube amp.

i want something versatile, something where i can take 1 amp to any gig, regardless of the genre of music being played, and know 100% that i can get a great tone in any situation.

combo amp would be nice.

i'm thinking of something with 3 channels, that has a great clean, and allows you to assign specific tones to each channel. also i want to be able to have it so channel 2 would be a good gain for rythem (or even allow me to roll my volume down for clean) and then i can set channel 3 to be much louder then channel 2 for solo.

a good effects loop should be on the amp as i do like to use delay.

overall my basic requirements are, that i can get a very large variety of usable tones without the use of pedals (except delay)

and to make sure each channel has it's own volume control so i can get louder for lead.

even if it's a two channel amp, something like a dual switchable volume feature would be nice.

i see a lot of other guitarists have problems with volume boosts and there aren't any amps that seem to fix it.

i know if your the only guitar player in the band then cutting through on solo's isn't a problem.

however i always find myself playing with bands that have 2 or more guitar players each strumming away on rythem, so it is tough.


Reeves Custom Lead with power scaling or Custom 30 or 50
Bad Cat Hot Cat 30, Black Cat or Lynx
Divided By 13 FTR 37 or RSA 31, maybe even the RSA 23 or 13/29 combo
65 Amps Soho HD or Club Marquee.

You have a cab right so you only need a head.

You can still run FX or slave the 100 for any large gigs.
Always good to have flexibility and a back-up.


i do have a 4x12. which i will keep because having music gear is cool.

i'd really perfer a combo.

if it must be a head then like i said, low wattage, and then i'd have to probably get a 2x12 for it.


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It sounds like you need a Mesa Boogie Nomad... either a 45 (EL-84s) or a 55 (6L6s or EL34s).

THey have 3 distinct channels each with it's own EQ, all footswitchable. Each channel also has it's own Solo Boost control (also footswitchable) and the reverb is footswitchable and each channel has it's own mix control. There is loop for those who use them. you can get them in 1X12, 2X12, or 4X10 or a head.

You can dial in your three channels and it also has a master if I'm not mistaken. Have your solo volumes separately set and ready for the footswitch. they don't make them anymore but you can find them used at reasonable prices.

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