Revolver Plexi/Bassman clone


This is my Revolver Plexi

This is an amazing amp for a great price. Mine has a mod that puts it somewhere between a Plexi and a Bassman. The bottom end is awesome. Here is me hacking up some Trower as a sample. Recorded on an H4, so not the best

Here are a couple more rocking clips, off the board at a local club.
Chuck Berry stuff, bridge pickup on a mexi strat

Neck pickup, classic plexi sound

Speaker is an Eminence Legend in a Fender type cab for the last clip, an old Laney 4x10 with Invaders on the first two. First two clips were before the Bassman mod that gave it the more Fender type clean sound.

Not sure what he is charging these days, but with Dale Watson playing one of his amp the price is probably going up. Mine was around 2k. Hand wired, and top notch components, including Mercury Magnetics transformers. The circuit board looks like a work of art.



Disclaimer: The builder is friend, and I'm expecting a big endorsement deal after he is rich and famous and I get a gig ;)
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