Revstar RSPC20CR vs 820


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Any Revstar fans here? I’m interested in trying one of these and was curious how the two of these compare, seeing how they’re $1,000 apart in price. I realize the 20CR is Japanese and not sure of the origin of the 820 (Korean)?

I don’t mind spending the money if it’s $1,000 worth more guitar, but I’ve had such good mojo recently with my Chinese Gretsch G5222 with a quality aftermarket wiring harness and SD High Voltage pickups and 2021 White Epi LP Custom with a simple pickup swap (white Dimarzio Super D set with gold poles), that I’ve sold off my high end custom shop Gibsons in favor of these very capable workhouses guitars.

Would love to hear from those who’ve played them both.


Looking a reviews on YouTube of the non-Japan made ones they seem to find it difficult to justify a Japanese built Revstar because the others are so good.
What that means in reality and for you is a whole other thing.

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