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Rhythm circuit on bridge pup w/Jazzmaste


I was reading a post by another member. The post describes where he installed a Novak fat pick up in the bridge of his jazz master. He also mentions wiring the rhythm circuit to the bridge pick up instead the neck pick up. I think that is a brilliant idea because having switchable bright and dark bridge sound makes more sense than having a great neck sound and then one that's just too dark. Anybody else ever tried this?

I have mine wired with 500K pots and then the rhythm as a series/parallel switch and a bass cut pot, which is pretty cool. Gives you a big fat sound with a bit of a boost, like the 4th position on a 4 way telecaster switch, and then you can roll the bass back to taste.

Your idea is a pretty easy mod though - just swap the hot wires of the pickups and which lug the rhythm circuit goes to; the neck hot should now go straight to the neck switch lug, the bridge hot up to the rhythm circuit, and the rhythm circuit out to the bridge switch lug. I like the sound of the bright/dark bridge idea and might have to give it a go myself.

The other common mod (which needs a few tricky parts like minipots) is to leave the 1M pots in the main circuit and replace the rhythm circuit with 500K or 250K pots, then have both pickups running through them. Gives you the classic bright-jangle Jazzmaster sound as well as a slightly darker sound that can get you more into P90/hot telecaster territory.

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