Ric 4001 Mods and Tweaks...?


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I've got a buddy who wants his Ric tweaked to be a little easier to dial in...the stock bridge has lifted and actually has allen wrench heads instead of philips screw heads for intonation; we're going with a Hipshot drop-in replacement.

I saw a recommendation to replace the stock pots with 250K pots and to add a P/P for the the bridge pup's bass killing cap, like the modern 4003.

I need to adjust the truss rods, which seems pretty involved if I understand the process correctly, and I just don't want to damage it.

Any thoughts on these ideas? Pros/cons?

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If it's a 4003 and not a 4001 the truss rods adjust just like any other bass.

All stock Ric tailpieces lift. John Hall claims it's not an issue, so he won't address it. He is wrong. The Hipshot is great. Keep the original in a drawer for resale purposes.

I doubt if I would mess with the pots. There is a mod involving a simple piece of wire that has to do with the tone cap. I'm not sure about details but you can Google it easy enough.

I can put you in touch with at least 3 excellent guys for Ric bass work if you want.
The bypass of the .0047 cap is very simple. Just solder a piece of wire at the exact same points of connection where the .0047 cap is connected (at the toggle switch and treble volume pot) and you'll hear the bridge p/u come to life. As for the pots, they should be 250k for the volume and 500k for the tone. In the mid 90's RIC decided to install 330k pots for both volume and tone which impacts the output of the bass IMO. You might want to double check to see that they are 250k & 500k. As for adjusting the neck, take the bass to a luthier if you're not comfortable making the adjustment yourselves.

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