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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Andythebear, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Andythebear

    Andythebear Member

    Mar 18, 2008
    OK, those of you who own a Richter 5E3 know how incredible it is. Simply the best sounding amp I've ever owned. OK, that's nothing new. But I would just like to tell everyone about the great experience I had with Sara & Gene Richter. After a few months, my 5E3 began making noises that at first go around sounded like a bad tube. After going through that line of thinking without success, they promptly told me to send that amp back and they would take care of it. Well, that is exactly what they did and the amp is flawless. I guess it was a faulty component deep within the assembly that took some time to find. I never had trouble reaching them, they were an absolute pleasure to talk to when I did, and they made me feel smart for purshasing a product from them. This problem aside, I think you all know that this was a fluke that it happened considering the repoutation and reliability record of this circuit.

    Anyway, super happy customer here, and Richter amps are my only choice of amp, period!
  2. Wayne8

    Wayne8 Member

    Aug 3, 2005
    I bought mine from another member here. After a while it started making a hum that I couldn't get rid of by swapping tubes (and it wasn't making it at first). Emailed Sara and she had me send it back to her. Turned out the transformer (?) was going bad and she couldn't find another exactly like it (I think it was NOS or something). Anyway, she asked would it be okay to just build me a whole new amp rather than completely re-do that one and, of course, I said sure. She did, and quickly, too, and all it cost me was shipping. Yeah, I'd say she went well above and beyond.
  3. Trout

    Trout Member

    Jun 23, 2006
    Illinois/Far West Burbia

    Warranted for the second owner? That is indeed going the extra mile!

    Living fairly close to the Richters, I get a chance now and then to visit them and I must say, they have to be a couple of the most gracious hosts/people I have ever met. No surprise that their customer service is the same upbeat attitude.
  4. Dale

    Dale Member

    Apr 9, 2004
    Great amp, and amazing service it seems. I have never needed the service but love to know that it is there.
  5. Timbre Wolf

    Timbre Wolf GoldMember Supporter Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2005
    Berkeley, CA
    Sara is amazingly generous with her help, and readily shares her vast knowledge, and she's always a pleasure to speak with. She makes fantastic amps, and is brewing several new models that will be a big hit, in my opinion.

    I'm just sorry I don't live as near to her as Trout! :D

    - Thom

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