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Rick Beato Wmtsg Ep 64 - Failure


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This makes me think he caught the recent Failure/Swervedriver tour and makes me wonder if he's going to dissect one of the many outstanding Swervedriver tunes in the future. I know that he has mentioned them in passing in one of his other vids, so he is at least familiar with them.

I remember this song, but didn't realize Failure did it (I left early into their set after Swervedriver played). It's a good tune, but doesn't do much for me. It sounds a lot like so much of the other stuff in the 90s-- sounds like Garbage (the band) to my ear, minus the sex appeal of Shirley Manson. As always, though, it's interesting to hear Beato's take.


Is it weird that I've never heard of that band?
It isn't weird. They barely made a splash in the 90s even here in the states.
The album "Fantastic Planet" sat around on Warner Brothers shelves after being recorded before Slash (Warner sub) finally pushed for it's release. Then drugs, then breakup in '98.
They reformed in 2014 and have been doing much better for themselves this go around, self-releasing 2 full length records and selling out theater/hall type places with some regularity.


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Shame they weren't more known. They have some really cool tunes (Stuck on You, Hot Traveler, and Another Space Song being my faves) and had something different musically going on from many of the 90's alternative bands. Somehow I had never even heard of these guys until just over a year ago, when I saw this live in studio performance. How on Earth did I not hear of these guys, this is fantastic:


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