FS Rick Kelly bass formerly owned by Walter Becker


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A singular instrument, designed and hand made by Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars for the late great Walter Becker of Steely Dan. It is constructed of reclaimed 100 year old pine from Kelly's Bowery Pine series ("The Bones of Old New York City"), and features two Lindy Fralin single coil pickups in the style of a Jazz Bass coupled with the string-thru body design of an early 50's P-bass. The thin natural finish and huge neck impart a large open woody tone. This bass is relatively light, a bit more than 8 lbs, and sounds deep, getting both P-bass thump and Jazz snap. Comes with gig bag and papers from the Becker estate. If you want more detail about Rick's Bowery Pine basses check out his website at Carmine Street Guitars, and also look at G.E. Smith's Rig Rundown from the Roger Waters tour on Youtube, where he played a Bowery Pine bass. Excellent to mint condition. $4800. Unsure of how to post accompanying photos on TGP but they are on Reverb item 40920414.

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