Rik Emmett can still hit those high notes


Rik is one of my favorite musicians as well. True triple threat. Triumph was a big part of my early music interests. Really they/he/ 33.33% of them would get something together but it sounds like the other 2 guys are pretty content with things as they are.


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Great band, great compositions, great front man. I still enjoy watching him do his thing and he DOES seem like a very cool, down to earth guy. Rock on, Rik!


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I like the guitar combination. Les Paul for lead and Strat for rhythm.

Cant really figure out the need for the 2nd guitar-

it would seem that Rik could handle all of it.

I think this concert is actually 7-8 yrs old when Triumph reunited to do a few dates,
and then abruptly stopped toward the end.


Certainly sings great. But in fairness, those are not the same high notes. After 30 secs though, you stop noticing he's tuned down a whole step.
Perhaps in a studio, with some warm up, he could hit the notes that he did on the recordings. I wish my voice was that light and flexible.


Rik in his prime was a freak of nature vocally. He was in his mid 30's here. Still absolutely amazing!!!

After the guitar solo he really cranks it up!!!!!

And he played geetar pretty good too. :D