RIP Julee Cruise


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It sounds like her husband was with her when she ended her life. So often, that act is such a lonely exit, sequestered away from the life one knows, and excluding the person (or people) one loves. Systemic lupus is brutal. That she was able to choose her path, supported by her spouse, and end her suffering, is dying well by any measure.
The audio on this performance is regrettably playback, but Cruise is on camera a lot more here, and you can really get a feel for how brilliantly her energy and stage presence complemented the band


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Major bummer. I never realized that Falling was originally her song which Angelo Badalamenti then adapted as the instrumental version used as the Twin Peaks theme song.

I want whichever reverb effect she always used for her vocal. Put that in a pedal and I’ll send my money.

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You know how sometimes your eyes can play tricks on you, and you initially read something wrong? I saw this thread, and initially thought, “aw, man, Disney World is getting rid of the Jungle Cruise ride?”


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RIP, Julee.

As a Lynch fan, Julee was a huge part of the soundtrack to my early adulthood. If folks haven't ever heard it, Lynch, Badalamenti, and Julee collaborated to cover Elvis on Wem Wender's Until the End of the Work soundtrack in stunning fashion:

you can actually hear her on this (around 3:00 especially):

i didn't think much of them back in the day, but lately i've got a huge crush on Kate Pierson.

Hot dog! That is one of the best 52s performances i’ve ever seen, i wonder what year that is? 1992 maybe? Thanks for posting that

Re: Pierson: yeah, this whole thing is making me realize that Pierson is likewise not gonna live forever, I’m gonna be a mess when she’s gone

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