RIP tweed Lava Cable. RIP my friend.


I've had two of the tweed 15' Lava ELC cables forever. Pretty sure I've had them since the early or mid 2000s. I swear I've had them since the late 90's but apparently the company started in 2004 LOL. I've done dozens and dozens of gigs and rehearsals with them and never had a single issue. They still bundle up perfectly, no kinks. Last night one of them died at practice. Sniff. :cry:

What an absolutely killer product! I've had Guitar Center and other brands of cables that break after looking at them funny but this thing was pounded on and stood the test of time. Thumbs of to Lava for making such a durable, high-quality cable!


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I have two also, and I have had them just about as long. Send it in. One of mine had a problem early on and Mark fixed it.and sent it right back.

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