Ritchie Blackmore’s 335s and Strats


Ah, Made in Japan. More like "Made to Be Played Loud."

Blackmore played his ass off from the first note to the last on that album.

Ian Gillian telling the sound guy to "turn everything louder than everything else" is pure 1970s.

Fifty years later, guitarists beg to turn their Princetons up to three.

I've probably listened to that performance a hundred times over the last 50 years and it never fails to blow me away with its ferocity. When Gillan starts screaming and the band kicks into full throttle it's possibly the heaviest piece of music I've ever heard.

And Ian's drum sound on the quiet parts are so warm and woody and Blackmores neck pickup tone in the solo is just sublime. Never fails to make me want to get a Strat.

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