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Rivera K120TRE Reverb... the most versatile head ever?


******** I love this thing. Cab comes with Celestion vintage 30's. This amp is a beast. It has fender type cleans that remind me of a twin reverb, it has marshall sounding crunch, and amazing high gain with sustain for days. This amp (along with the JVM and Mesa Mark V) is one of the most versatile high gain amps I have ever tried. What really striked me about it is that it is one of the most musical sounding amps I have ever played. I am happy I went with it. And 120 watts? I could play MSG with it on volume level 6!!! :rockin

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I've never had a Rivera but I did repair one for a friend. It was one of those amps that gets passed around because nobody can seem to sort it out. Rivera was serious about getting it back on line even though it's a 1997 vintage unit, they mailed me a full scale schematic and contacted me to make sure that the amp had gone back to the customer in good working order. That's product support with a capital P.


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I've had a few Riveras, including a 50 watt KHR head, which was very versatile. I still have a Fandango combo in my amp garden. I've called them on occasion and have been connected to both Paul and his son more than once. Their support is great and they are really nice people. Most Riveras are Marshallesque amps, which means if you are a boogie player they are the reverse of everythng you understand. So they take some getting used to if you come from that camp. They require much more attention to the interaction of the power amp and preamp than Mark series boogies, which are designed to get more of their tone from the preamp. And they feel a little stiffer. But onstage they just come alive, they are way cool amps, and are one of the best "fender and marshall in one amp" solutions out there. Glad you like your Tre.


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My KnuckleHead combo 1-12 was the best clean sounding amp I could have imagined. but the dirt sounds, on channel 2 and 3 were always grainy for lack of a better definition, and I never bonded with them. Still, if I could have used the 1 channel as my ultimate fender clean, and had another amp to switch to for any gain sounds, I'd still own it.


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I agree, the clean on my k55 was stellar. I sold it to buy an Orange and while I dont completely regret it, i MISS my strat through that thing. Dumble like.

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