RJM Rack Gizmo & Effect Gizmo Questions



hopefully someone who owns an Effect Gizmo and a Rack Gizmo or RG-16 will chime in to answer this question....

The problem :huh:

I would like to setup a either a Rack Gizmo or RG-16 and an Effect Gizmo connected to my amp (JSX Combo) and have the RG or RG-16 to have all 8 loops in the front of the amp, while the EG would have all 12 loops in the effects loop of the JSX.

I've been looking at all the diagrams that are available from the manuals of those units and I can't seem to find an answer on how to do this. Can someone give me some suggestions as to how I can get this done? I would greatly appreciate it.


What's the confusion? I assume you're running all mono. How massive is your rig? Do you really need both controllers? 12 loops in the effects loop.... really? Also I assume you want the RG in order to do channel switching on your amp.

Plug guitar into Rack Gizmo (or used RG16) and insert a pedal in each one of the loops. Output to amp in.

Amp effects send to Effect Gizmo in. Insert a pedal/processor in ea loop. Output to Amp effects return. Done.

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