Sold RME Fireface 800 w/ Mogami Snakes and Patchbay


Selling my RME Fireface 800 AD DA converter with 4 built in mic pres. I just upgraded to a Symphony system and do not need this anymore. Comes with power cord, and FW800 cable.

For an additional $150 I can toss in a Neutrik patchbay, and x2 6' Mogami 2932 8 channel TRS to TRS snakes ($300+ value for cabling and patch). Everything you need to plug in and get going. I don't have the original box. Software and drivers can be found on the RME site.

Selling to fund new room treatment and an Argosy desk in my new mixing room. But would consider in trade:
- Standard Audio Level Or
- Electrodyne 501
- Summit TLA 100
- AVRI 72 Tele Deluxe
- partial trade for cool pedals, mics, or a Dano 12 string

$650 for the RME shipped and PayPal'd
$800 for everything
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