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    Dec 8, 2009

    NGD on Friday. 50s Roadworn. Got it for a decent price new from a shop. I dont know how long it had been hanging on the wall but you can see the marks left by the hanger.

    Sounds good unplugged.. like the neck profile. Fret work is horrible (frets ends sticking out and poorly polished frets). I can do the fret work to fix it up and I keep the humidity up at home so that should fix the tangs that are sticking out.. otherwise no issues.. right?

    Hmm.. so the guitar will play well.. sound ok.. it is new. Under warrantee etc etc etc. BUT.. the serial number says MX100XXXX which is a 2010 guitar. Doesnt bother me at all, doesnt appear used in any way, the guitar may have been in the shop since 2011.. it happens.

    Took the neck off to do the fret work. Neck stamp may 2010. Pick guard stamp 07 ABR 2010 .. body stamp 17 may 2012. (it actually looks like 2014 but I dont know what the 4 should look like so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.)

    Still.. 2 years between the body and the rest seems a long time?

    TLDR: Bought a new roadworn strat from a shop. The neck/pg date is early 2010. The body date is early 2012. Normal?

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