Sold Roccaforte Bastard (Treble Booster) best prices and lowered!


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HI , I've accumulated WAY too much gear, and need to make some space! Today I'm selling the following:

SOLD: Roccaforte Bastard TrebleBooster/Overdrive pedal. Very rare, cult pedal! This one has the additional volume/gain adjustment knob. From what I understand it was Doug's take on the old Dallas-Arbiter Rangemaster. .They sold for about 200.00. They have a 100% 5 rating on the old HC Effect reviews. Here's a YouTube video that pretty much shows what it does: (pics below)............So why would I sell it for $SOLD ? I just haven't used it and don't need it and need to take a dent out of my huge collection of gear! .... .SO $SOLD............that's shipped and paypal'd

SOLD- Zoom Power Drive (PD-01) Boost/Overdrive .. Clean excellent shape and works perfectly. People used to say these were as good as a Klon and some liked better than Klons.. To me it's a clean boost/overdrive with excellent eq and not quite like the Klons. It's more transparent than a Klon though. Total quality pedal and will sell for $SOLD... . (Prices are 80-130.00 on Reverb and Ebay and aren't in excellent shape like mine)

SOLD- Sobbat Phase Breaker II (PB-2) in Excellent shape and works perfectly. These are rare these days. Made in Japan, great graphics and versatile Phaser /Vibrato pedal. Will sell for $SOLD.... FINE I'm lowering the price to $SOLD. It's well worth that and more! (there's 1 FS on Ebay for 170.00 in Japan only!)

SOLD- Analog Man Modded Ibanez Tube Screamer Classic TS-10 (TS10). I've owned this for many years since SRV used them, and this one works perfectly. It has 1 piece of heavy duty Velcro on the bottom. It was modded by Analog Mike in the late 90's, and sounds even better than the original. I'll sell for $SOLD! . . It's collectible and they go for much more

SOLD- Analog Man Modded Maxon Sonic Distortion SD-9 . Great sounding overdrive/distortion in excellent shape and works perfectly. Will sell for $SOLD . Again worth way more

SOLD_ Boss LS-2 Line Selector pedal... Totally versatile a/b pedal/looper,etc Will sell for $SOLD

All of these sell for more $ usually and when I run ads I tend to sell for the best prices on the internet. I am NOT interested in any trades at all, and these are all available via Paypal and shipping will be included within the CONUS.

Let me know if you'd like anything and I'll post pictures when I can get a chance.. Thanks! Eric

pics below: View media item 50613View media item 50612View media item 50830View media item 50828
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